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International Medical Publishing Group have many years' experience in printing, binding and copying for individuals, companies and institutions in London. We can also sort out all your problems when it comes to creative or customised printing requirements.


IInternational Medical Publishing Group (IMPG) was formed in 2004 as a result of the acquisition of Kingscos Medical Publishers, which started from 1953 by the Medical Publishing Group (MPG) and the merger between Kingscos Scientific, Cosmopolitan Healthcare and MPG’s Scientific, Technical, Humanities and Medical business. Together, the companies have created a global publishing enterprise with wide achievements and strength in every major research, academic and professional field. IMPG publishes approximately 850 scholarly peer-reviewed journals and an extensive collection of over 5,000 books with international interest and appeal. For more information on IMPG, please visit or send us a ,message at   


Paper photocopies, digital printing on fabrics or creating gifts: we offer a wide selection of services and deliver first-class printing quality. Our customers appreciate the quality of our work, our reliable, efficient processing service and the expert advice we're able to offer to ensure that professional touch for all your printing and reprographic needs with fair prices. What can we do for you? Use our website to find out more about us and the promotions we offer.

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