Primary Health Care Journal (PHCJ) – Online and Open Access Edition:


Primary Health Care Journal (PHCJ) is a well-established, peer-reviewed Journal, which publishes contributions that promote primary healthcare, medical science, education and practice. The journal publishes original papers from general practice and primary care, major clinical specialties with primary care dimensions, including expanded coverage of the increasingly powerful research in family medicine, community healthcare, and molecular and cell science pertaining to primary care, , where relevant to general practice medicine; review articles on significant advances or controversies in general practice, primary care, clinical medicine and medical science, including a new mini-review series which aims to bridge the gap between molecular science and medicine with primary care; and correspondence commenting on articles in the journal or continuing the debates in education, research and innovations in primary care globally.


Launched on its 11th year of publication, the Association’s Council and Committees agreed for the PHCJ Online and Open Access Edition to also be published as an Open Access Journal called PHCJ Open Access.



PHCJ Open Access is therefore a leading international primary care journal for rapid publication of original medical, community  care, pre-clinical and clinical research, including educational matters in General Practice and Primary Care.


Primary Care initial attachments, Clinical and pre-clinical studies are welcomed as are reviews, case reports, preliminary communications and studies on new indications or new formulations of established products.


The journal also publishes symposium proceedings or collections of pre-clinical and clinical data as supplements.




ISSN 1758-5651


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