Medical Law and Ethics Journal (MLEJ): An International Journal for Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare – (Online Open Access) Edition:


The Medical Law and Ethics Journal (MLEJ) is a long standing peer-reviewed Journal, which publishes contributions that promote medical law, bioethics, cutting edge science, innovations, research and patient care and populations studies. The Journal publishes original papers from all sectors of medicine and healthcare, including the major clinical specialties, with expanded coverage of the increasingly best evidence of good teaching and learning in healthcare, and medical practice where relevant to all medical and healthcare matters.   



The Journal also showcases review articles on significant advances or controversies in medical law, ethics, theory and practice, including a new mini-review series which aims to bridge the gap between assessments, instructional materials development and multimedia teaching approaches.   It is also designed to entertain the readers with the various every day scenarios and example, which facilitates great understanding of different concepts of education in general.


Launched on its 11th year of publication, the Association’s Council and Committees agreed for the MLEJ Online and Open Access Edition to also be published.


Therefore, MLEJ Open Access is a leading international journal for rapid publication of original research projects in education, pre-clinical and clinical legal and ethical issues and dimension, including ethical dilemmas and legal practicalities in todays and changing World.  


Works and projects in progress are welcomed as well as reviews, case reports, preliminary communications and studies on new indications or new formulations of established practices in medical and healthcare education.


The Journal also publishes symposia or collections of pre-clinical and clinical teaching and learning methods.




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