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International Medical Conference Proceedings Services (IMCPS) Journal is a peer-reviewed journal with distribution in more than 294 countries and territories. The journal seeks to be the leading journal in the field of medical practice, innovations and education for all health care professionals. It aims to publish material of the highest quality reflecting leading edge research and contemporary perspectives.  Please visit for more details.  


The IMCPS aims to publish rigorous, accessible and entertaining material that will help healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and medical students in their daily practice, lifelong learning and career development. In addition, it seeks to be at the forefront of the international debate on health. To achieve these aims IMCPS publishes original scientific studies, review and educational articles, and papers commenting on the clinical, scientific, social, political, and economic factors affecting health. We are delighted to receive articles for publication in all of these categories - from doctors, and other healthcare professionals. We can publish only about 25% of more than 4,970 articles that we receive each year, but we aim to give quick decisions.  There is also scope for more articles to be published in the Online and Open Access Editions of the Journal.   Please visit: for more details.


The IMCPS is published quarterly and has a circulation of about 870,000 worldwide in about 294 countries and territories, of which 989,000 copies are distributed outside Britain. There are also sections to publish student work and issues.


IMCPS is a well-established, peer-reviewed journal which publishes contributions that promote medical science and practice, and educational issues. The journal publishes original papers from the major clinical specialties, with expanded coverage of the increasingly powerful research in molecular and cell science, where relevant to clinical medicine; review articles on significant advances or controversies in clinical medicine and medical science, including a new mini-review series which aims to bridge the gap between molecular science and medicine; and correspondence commenting on articles in the journal or continuing the debate.


IMCPS is a leading international journal for rapid publication of original medical, pre-clinical and clinical research.

Clinical and pre-clinical studies are welcomed as are reviews, case reports, preliminary communications and studies on new indications or new formulations of established products.




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