Medical Law and Ethics Journal (MLEJ): An International Journal for Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare – (Print Edition):


The Medical Law and Ethics Journal (MLEJ) aims to promote the study of legal and ethical issues raised in the education, research and the delivery of healthcare


Some of the focus will be studies on issues raised by the practice of medicine from the legal and ethical point of view by organising lectures, symposia, courses and conferences on identifying subject areas involving students, healthcare professionals, medical teachers, medico-legal practitioners, medical practitioners and professionals in related fields.


The MLEJ is aimed at becoming the most reputable Journal that reflects the entire Medical Law and Ethics field. The journal’s aim is to encourage a greater academic standard and enhanced professional and public discussion.


The MLEJ is a peer-reviewed journal with distribution all around the world. The MLEJ is published twice a year for an international audience. There are sections to publish various works in progress which will include undergraduate and postgraduate sections.






ISSN 1755-9634


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