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London Journal of Primary Care (LJPC), a peer-reviewed journal has distribution in more than 210 countries and territories in the print edition, but publication is open to the global audience in the Online and Open Access Edition of the Journal.  The Journal’s aim is to be the leading journal in the field of Primary Care education and clinical practice for all primary health care professionals. It focuses on publishing high quality materials which reflects thorough research and contemporary perspectives.


The LJPC is determined to publish rigorous efforts in primary care research materials that will be of invaluable help to healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, primary care practitioners, therapists, and medical students in the ever unwinding learning curve and career development. To achieve these aims LJPC publishes original scientific studies, review and educational articles, and papers commenting on the clinical, social, political, and economic factors affecting primary care. We are delighted to receive articles for publication in all of these categories - from doctors, and other healthcare professionals. We can publish only about 35% of more than 1,267 articles that we receive each year, but we aim to give quick decisions (see Advice to contributors).


The LJPC is published twice per year and has a circulation of about 945,000 within inner and outer London, and circulated within London, nationally in the UK and internationally, Worldwide. There are also sections to publish student work and issues.


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